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Becoming a member

There are 2 different types of membership:

• Individual Membership
• CorporateMembership

  • If you already have an appropriate coaching and or mentoring qualification and are covered by insurance, then you only need to complete the appropriate form which you will find under application forms and send it to us with a copy of your qualifications, insurance documentation and payment details.

    If however you would like to apply for membership via our portfolio route or would like help with your insurance then please contact our Head Office and we will be happy to help.

    Step 1 : Application
    • Complete the appropriate application form which you will find on our website under application forms.
    • A photocopy of your qualifications
    • Insurance details

    Step 2 : Send Your Documents
    Either scan or send this form with all of the appropriate documentation to:
    • BSCCM, 61 The Avenue, Southampton S017 1XS

    Step 3 : Assessment
    Once we receive your application it will be assessed and we will contact you to let you know the outcome

    Step 4 : Accepted with Confirmation Email

    Step 5 : Payment
    We will only take payment once you have confirmed that you wish to join.

    Coaching Membership

    If you are applying for membership as a coach then you must be in supervision and must complete 10 hours of Continued Professional Development.
    The BSCCM can support you with both CPD and Supervision.
  • If you are applying for Corporate Membership then please contact our head office to discuss your application before completing any paperwork.

    We offer discounts and sponsorship for Third Sector Organisations wishing to join.