About Us

Our Principles

Great coaches and great mentors create great learning relationships and great learning  relationships form the foundation stones of great organisations. Our purpose is to champion these relationships and in so doing enable the development of coaching and mentoring across the UK.

Our society is built on the core principles of:

  • Trust
  • Mutual Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Collective Creativity


We work closely with all our members to provide them with the support and development that they want and need to be the best coach, mentor or supervisor they can be for their clients and their organisations.


Our Members

Our members are leaders, support workers, coaches and mentors who work within businesses, charities, social enterprises, councils and the health care profession.  Their roles include:

  • Full  time internal coaches
  • Mentors
  • People  who coach as part of their role
  • People who  volunteer
  • People who are part of an internal coaching / mentoring bank.


Whilst our members roles and responsibilities differ they all make significant and valuable contributions to  their clients learning and to their organisations growth and development.

Unlike other coaching and mentoring bodies we focus on supporting  people working within organisations from both the public, private and charitable sectors. People who face the everyday challenges of supporting individuals and teams to grow whilst delivering  financial returns and organisational growth.

We help our members to rise to the challenges and opportunities they experience working as corporate coaches, mentors and supervisors.


What do we do?


We provide Organisations with:

  • Advice and support on how to become a learning organisation.
  • Tools and information to help them build a coaching and mentoring culture
  • Learning and tools which enable them to set up and run coaching, mentoring banks and internal supervision banks.
  • A framework for qualifications and Accreditation


We provide corporate coaches, mentors and supervisors with

  • Events, conferences, webinars, CPD
  • Resources, tools and information
  • Accreditation and qualifications
  • Insurance and related products
  • Supervision
  • A space to meet, network, learn
  • A portal to share experience, ideas and thoughts